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Rindenberg One aspect of art is to make known things visible again, a mission depressingly well accomplished by this unusual work. Beeing an interesting experiment and a meditation on poverty, the familiar sounds in this unexpected setting and the informations in between force one to think about life conditions and the world we want to life in over and over again. Uncommon, uncomfortable, provoking and unique.


This is a mix of tracks with some voiceovers, created for radio broadcast. The last 3 music snippets are remixes from "Particular Streams Remixes 3" of material offered by Thomas to be remixed by BERTHELOT, Eisenlager and M.Nomized.

The theme of the release is poverty. I explore different aspects of living in a low-rent apartment in South Saint Louis in this 57-minute mix. Short examples of sounds and compositions from this environment are featured.

I call this "The Music Of Poverty" because I believe that in this time I managed to capture what being poor sounds like by recording my surroundings and sometimes by mixing those recordings.

"Saturday AM"
A Poem By Thomas Park

Early in the morning
The birds mated
Chirping loudly outside my window

Traffic sounds faded
To ambient noise, a dull hum

My pipes sang
Liquid, guttural
Chorus of water on porcelain

A celebration, loaf of bread
Jar of peanut butter
From the Shop and Save
(Food stamp benefits today)

Minimum wage, but Saturday
A whole day without organizing
Stooping, placing
My work as a shelver on reprieve

As the light shone in through slits
It fell on my waking body
A whole 24 hours to be free
A richer man there never was


released June 8, 2016

2016 Thomas Park




Grid Resistor, Model 201, Mystified and Mister Vapor Saint Louis, Missouri

For dark, atmospheric music.

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